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Chiral Balance offers a discount to new, registered customers. To receive a modest discount on your first order, enter “CHIBALNEW” when checking out through our online store.

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Discount points are earned by registered customers ONLY. Register with Chiral Balance, reorder as needed, and you will earn discount points with each purchase.

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Chiral Balance has ongoing discussions and we appreciate your feedback and knowledge. Your experiences are invaluable to the Chiral Balance community. Your words help other women, improve our company, and in turn help us continue to improve our products. Currently, you can receive a coupon for your next order at when you share your opinions in the PCOS Community tab. The current PCOS Community topic is: PCOS and Weight Loss. What Works? What Doesn’t? Share Your Story!

I am trying to order four bottles of your product…2 for myself and 2 for my 21 year old daughter.
I attempted to put the new customer 2009 in the coupon code, as every little bit saved helps, but a message popped up saying it was invalid.
I cannot find the information on what to do if coupon codes don’t work.
Thanks for your assistance with this.

Leslie A-R

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! The coupon code for new customers has been updated to “CHIBALNEW” for a one-time discount on your first order as a registered customer.

selena says:

is the product returnable after 60 days? it says that it takes 60 days for it to work, but website says return for full refund within 30 days. please advise. thank you.

Hi Selena,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! Chiral Balance offers a money-back guarantee. Within 60 days from date of purchase, you can return the unused portion of your FIRST order for a full refund. We will work to correct inconsistencies on our website and elsewhere in the days-for-refund. We now realize the brochure says 10 days and this information is incorrect! Thank you again for alerting us to this issue.

Jessica says:

hi can you tell me if i can take this with the insulite program? i just wanted to make sure there would be no problems before i start both? Thank You

Hi Jessica,

Chiral Balance D-chiro-inositol is safe to take in conjunction with the Insulite™ program.

However, Chiral Balance recommends taking D-chiro-inositol as a stand-alone supplement for the first 6-8 weeks. When there are several supplements being started at one time, discerning what factor is providing the benefit can be difficult.

Alexis says:

Hi, I started using dci in October but I just saw the new customer code. Is this code only valid for your first purchase?

Hi Alexis,

The new customer coupon code is intended for new customers; however, the Chiral Balance New Customer Coupon Code can be used by any customer one time, regardless of whether or not the coupon code is used on your first order.

Layna says:

I saw it mentioned on that if we are registered with that you offer a discount. Is that offer still available?

Hi Layna,

Yes, members of are eligible to use coupon code PCOSCHALLENGE on a single order for a 15% discount.

Georgette says:

Can you take chiral Balance while pregnant to help with sugar control and help with mood?

Hi Georgette,

While the expected risk to the child would be negligible, D-chiro-inositol has never been evaluated in a clinical trial for its use or safety during pregnancy or while breast-feeding. It is unknown whether DCI is safe during pregnancy, and therefore the question of whether to use it during pregnancy or while breast-feeding should be made in conjunction with your physician who can help weigh the benefits and potential risks.

Tia says:

I am currently taking metformin and have been told I should increase my dose. Instead, I would love to switch over to DCI (which I have been following for several years and am happy to see is getting to be affordable!). My question is, can I take DCI as well as metformin for a bit? And then slowly switch over?

Hi Tia,

It is fine to take D-chiro-inositol in conjunction with metformin. Many of our customers do so. Be aware that they are both insulin sensitizers, and while in principle they can’t cause low blood sugar (alone or working together), it is still a good idea to be mindful of that when switching or adding insulin sensitizers to your daily regimen.

On a different note, we are also glad to have been able to force the price of D-chiro-inositol down over the past 5 years and are hoping to continue the same trend in 2011 and 2012. We are sensitive to the cost of our product and are working constantly to make it more affordable.

Noreen says:

When is the best time to take the pills? I often take my DCI, Metformin and pre-natal vitamins all together after dinner. Do you think this affects the performance of the DCI?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Noreen,

If you are seeing the results you want, then there is no need to change your regimen. However, in general we recommend taking DCI early in the day, either before or with breakfast, so that it can get where it needs to be and help respond to insulin during all of your waking hours when insulin levels tend to be highest. So, in theory, you might get a somewhat better effect by taking it early in the day; but, again, if you’re seeing good results, then there is no need to change.

Autumn Biddle says:

I am currently taking 1200mg dci and was wondering whether to take both pills at the same time or to take them at separate times. I had read online that dci is water soluble and leaves your system quickly, so it is more beneficial to split up doses, as to insure a constant supply in your body. What do you guys recommend?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Autumn,

We recommend taking the full dose in the morning because this is how it was administered in the clinical trials. It is true that DCI is water soluble, but it is incorporated into much longer-lived intermediates, which means it persists longer. That being said, many of our customers split their dose and report excellent results. You might try it for a few days and see if you notice a difference.

Kelley grant says:

My 17 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with pcos. She has only had a handful of periods since she was 13. She also has acne problems, weight gain, and hair loss/hair growth issues. Her recent bloodwork did not show insulin resistance, but she did have elevated cholesterol levels and hormone abnormalities. Do you think that chiralbalance could help her symptoms, considering she is not showing insulin resistance.

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Kelley,

Your daughter has many of the canonical symptoms of PCOS and it would definitely be worth her time to try the product even though she doesn’t have clinical insulin resistance. Our understanding of insulin resistance is constantly evolving, and many women with PCOS who have no insulin resistance eventually develop insulin resistance and then go on to have type II diabetes. In one model, proposed by Dr. Nestler et al, PCOS is caused by a specific type of insulin metabolism issue in the ovaries, which eventually leads to systemic insulin resistance. Moreover, If she uses the product as directed for 8 weeks and doesn’t see any improvements, our refund policy will apply and your first order will be eligible for refund. So, in short, yes it is probably worth it for her to try our product.

Glenda says:

I see from your website that you make your DCI from carob grown in Spain, and the bottle says that it’s manufactured in Texas. Many of your customers are in Europe, and the import duties are high, so would you consider manufacturing in Europe as well?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Glenda,

This is something we’ve considered over the years. A big barrier to taking that step is the additional bureaucracies that would need to be navigated in order to work within the EU. It is likely that at some point we’ll have the customer base and person-power to make this feasible, but we don’t have a timeline in place. Thanks for the suggestion about how we can serve you better. Keep them coming.

Rachel says:

I just started taking your products and I’m loving the results I’m seeing and I want to make sure I’m maximizing those results. So I had a question.

I see that you recommend taking the pills early in the day. However, I read that caffeine can interfere with the effectiveness of D Chiro. Are you aware of any truth to that? And if I like my coffee early in the morning, would it be better for me to take them later in the day?


Chiral Balance says:

Hi Rachel,

I recommend against caffeine for PCOSers in genera; caffeine stimulates the liver to dump its stores of glycogen, which worsens the blood sugar roller coaster that a lots of PCOS gals are already dealing with. However, it doesn’t prevent DCI from working. So, in a nutshell, I think PCOS women should be avoiding caffeine in general, but taking DCI isn’t its own reason to do so.

ken says:

It seems that your users are women, based on the email questions. My holistic doctor suggests I use your DCI. Do you have many men using DCI? And do you know why?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Ken,

First, sorry for taking long to get back to you. Second, yes, we do have men who use DCI. The reason we talk about PCOS and DCI for women is that there is a strong body of clinical evidence that ties all of that together. But, ultimately DCI is a natural insulin sensitizers and so it can be beneficial to men too, particularly if the women in their family have any h/o of PCOS. Most of these men take DCI for type II diabetes. Although others take DCI for other degrees of insulin resistance as well.

Jerusha says:

I am interested in trying DCI to help get pregnant and I saw on your website you also sell the Vitex blend for fertility. Should I take only DCI or Vitex, or should I take both? I have not been diagnosed with PCOS, or insulin resistance, but my ob/gyn suggested trying myi-inositol.

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Jerusha,

We recommend that all ladies with PCOS give DCI a try. It is really one of the most effective natural supplements for PCOS, and you’ll typically see results within 8 weeks of proper use. We recommend Vitex as a supplement to DCI, not a substitute. So, we recommend taking DCI or DCI and Vitex. For example, some women try DCI and see improvements in insulin sensitivity, acne etc, but still have a somewhat irregular cycle. In those cases, Vitex can be the extra little help to get a regular cycle established. In other cases, DCI alone will restore a normal cycle. You can certainly try myo-inositol (MYO), but virtually all of the studies about MYO were with euglycemic women (women with normal insulin sensitivity) undergoing in vitro fertilization therapy; this does not describe most PCOS women, and I generally find the studies to be poor in quality and unconvincing. However, MYO is cheap and available at just about any supplement store, and it certainly won’t make any of your symptoms worse, so the only harm in trying might be the time lost before trying another approach.

Heather says:

My OBGYN recommened DCI for my PCOS and I have purchased it at People’s Pharmacy in Austin to try it out. Looking forward to hopefully some relief soon.

My question, is it safe for men to take DCI, also? From what I have read DCI lowers testasterone levels in women with PCOS, will it also have the same effect on men if they take it?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Heather,

It is safe for men to take DCI; it does not lower a man’s testosterone. The elevated testosterone that is such a common characteristic of PCOS is the result of ovarian overproduction. Men won’t have the same response to DCI since they can’t have this same problem. Best wishes, and we’re always glad to hear from fellow Austinites.

Joy says:

Hello, after a scan 4 years ago, my gynae confirmed that I have PCOS. I now live in England and have been trying to get help from my GP. After a scan a few months ago, they wrote on it that I have Polycystic ovaries (bulky ovaries with an excess of 12 abnormal follicles). My blood tests showed normal thyroid, but raised androgen (testerone) and prolactin. They do not give exact figures and refused when I asked for my blood test results to be printed off. I have all the signs of PCOS – irregular menses (4 months since the last one), unwanted excess of facial hair, hair loss / falling out from my head, difficult weight loss at 170 lbs. If I do in fact have PCO and not PCOS, how do I know the difference? Also, is it okay to still take DCI if I have PCO?
I would be extremely grateful of your help, since I can find no help from the medical department.

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Joy,

It is possible that DCI could be beneficial, and I certainly agree that your symptoms sound an awful lot like PCOS. Having PCO versus PCOS is a difficult line to draw. PCOS is a diagnosis of exclusion. In other words, a physician has to rule out other possible causes for your symptoms before giving a diagnosis of PCOS. That can be a lengthy process. What I can say is that trying DCI won’t hurt you, but if you start DCI and it ameliorates your symptoms, it may make getting a firm, clear diagnosis more difficult. On the other hand, you might not want to wait. Ultimately, the answer to your question is that yes, you can take DCI if you have PCO. It may help.

Joy says:

Thank you so much. It’s so good to know that you can get help or answers from you. Have a wonderful weekend.

Autumn says:

I am 170lbs, how much DCI should I take per day? If I take 2 capsules, should I take them both before breakfast or one before breakfast and one before lunch / supper?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Autumn,

You would take 2 capsules in divided doses. Once in the morning and once in the evening, ideally just a little before your morning and evening meals.

Joy says:

If I forget to take the tablet, can I still have it after 2 mouthfuls of food or leave it out completely for that day?
Also, if I forget at breakfast, can I have it before lunch?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Joy,

If you’re just a few minutes late, go ahead and take it with food. If you forget entirely at breakfast time, yes, take it at lunch time instead.

Jay says:

Hello, I am vegetarian on a high protein dairy diet and was just diagnosed with PCOS, I have just started taking Chromium and DCI. I am also taking other supplements, such as Milk thistle & Fibre supplement (8AM In the mornings), the contraception pill 11AM, Multivitamins 14pm and 22:00 I alternate between Iron and Calcium+Magnisium tablet every night. I am taking Chromium, Milk Thistle & DCI on empty stomach in the morning 30 min before I take my fibre with breakfast. Will any of the other supplements I am taking especially fibre interfere with DCI absorbtion and treatment??

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Jay,

The regimen you’ve described sounds fine. In fact, it sounds like you and/or your health care provider(s) have put a lot of time and effort into coming up with a regimen that allows for high utilization of your supplements. I don’t see any cause for concern in regards to DCI; it has its own very robust absorption pathway. In fact, it is absorbed in much the same was a simple sugars, and that pathway is essentially imperturbable.

Patricia Smith says:

I saw the offer for a “modest discount” for new registered Chiral Balance customers. When I tried to apply the coupon code “CHIBALNEW” to my order, I got an ‘invailid’ response. I tried this more than once with the same result: invalid. Is this discount no longer available? Or is there something I do not understand about how to apply it to my first order for 2 bottles of Chiral Balance?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Mrs. Smith,

This coupon code CHIBALNEW was used successfully several times in the days before and after the 30th of October, so it appears to be working correctly. However, we’re happy to honor the discount, and you will receive a separate email today to notify you that the discount has been applied after the fact. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your business.

Luella says:

Where do i find coupon codes? And I was also wondering what or how to use my points I’m earning by buying D-Chirol Inositol and other Chirol Balance products.Thanks

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Luella,

We have the new customer coupon code listed in the article above. All of the other coupon codes are given out in email newsletters in on inserts that ship with orders.

Marie says:

Hello! I take levothyroxine every morning for my hypothyroidism, so i wonder when it would be the best time for me to take DCI?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Marie,

Two hours is an often recommended wait time between thyroid medications and just about anything else. If you are taking 2 capsules of DCI daily, in your case, because of the levothyroxine, you might want to one capsule before lunch and the other before dinner.

Shelly Wat says:

Firstly, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed browsing your website and Facebook page. I am excited about trying your product after months of TTC with PCOS. I ordered yesterday and tried using the new customer coupon code, but received an error message stating the code was invalid. Is this correct or could it have been user error?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Shelly,

This is the second inquiry we’ve had about this coupon code in the last 2 months. But, it has been used successfully by dozens of people recently, right up to and including today. So, I’m tempted to attribute it to user error. The other possibility is that if you are using a public/shared/work computer and if anyone else has ever ordered using that coupon code from that same computer, then that would be a possible explanation as well. It is a one time use coupon code, and one of the ways we track and enforce usage is by IP address, so if that computer has ever been used before, then the coupon code probably wouldn’t work. If you have further difficult please call us anytime from 9-4 CST during the work week, and someone can help you to place your order over the phone.

Morgan says:

I just purchased your product and after purchasing my order I saw that there is a coupon code for your first purchase. Is there any way for me to still use this?

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Morgan,

I have retroactively applied the discount to your order and issues a partial refund of $2.95.

Patricia Koehler says:

I am a first time purchaser of your product and saw that you offered a 15% discount but the code that was provided PCOS Challengers did not work. May I still get the discount for the two items that I just purchased?

zainab says:

Is it ok to take berry ketone supplememts with the inositol and vitex

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Zainab,

It certainly is.

Nikki says:

How do I check my points balance to use on future orders? Thank you!

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Nikki,

When you are logged in at , you can click the “My Account” link at the very top of the page and near the bottom of the My Account page, you will see a link called “My Rewards“. This will explain how the point system works and you can redeem points on the same page.

christina says:

Is it safe/necessary to take Di-Chiro inositol after pregnancy is achieved Im three months pregnant and wondering if it will effect my pregnancy if i don’t take it.

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Christina,

First, congratulations!
A woman with PCOS can have a good outcome to her pregnancy with or without DCI. It is a matter of addressing insulin resistance. During pregnancy, the placenta takes over a lot of functions and many women with PCOS experience normalized sex hormone levels. However, the placental/ovarian axis does nothing to correct or address insulin resistance, which is a risk factor for miscarriage, gestational diabetes, high birth weight and IUGR. That probably sounds like a lot to process, so let me again just summarize that addressing insulin resistance is very important when a woman with PCOS gets pregnant. Many of our customers have continued DCI and had successful pregnancies, and others have discontinued DCI and had successful pregnancies too. They have all achieved this by managing their insulin resistance. Some went back on Metformin (which has been proven safe for use in pregnancy in clinical trials). Others followed very strict diet and exercise regimens. Ultimately, you have to follow your best judgment, listen to your body and consult with your Ob Gyn.

I genuinely wish we had a more satisfying answer to give you. And hopefully we can continue to grow and someday begin funding research to answer questions like this very important one.

hannah says:

Chiral balance helps me fight the pcos symptoms that trey to make me ugly and the emotional symptoms that name me crazy. If u have pcos u have nothing to lose and everything to gain by ordering this product

Chiral Balance says:

We’re so glad to hear that DCI has been so good to you!

Jessica L says:

I have been taking all chiral balance product religiously and my period is coming more regular now without having to take the metformin which was giving me too much side effect. I was first introduce to the product by my acupuncturist and friend, thanks to her and this place, I feel a lot healthier and better about myself.

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Jessica,

That is awesome. We love to hear success stories. Thank you for sharing.

Laura says:

I start4d taking d chiro inositol and myu periods became more regular. And then i became pregnant a few months later… not on purpose! Maybe its a coincidence… maybe not.

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Laura,

We love hearing stories like this. Thanks for sharing.

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