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Chiral Balance has ongoing discussions and we appreciate your feedback and knowledge. Your experiences are invaluable to the Chiral Balance community. Your words help other women, improve our company, and in turn help us continue to improve our products. Currently, you can receive a coupon for your next order at when you share your opinions in the PCOS Community tab. The current PCOS Community topic is: PCOS and Weight Loss. What Works? What Doesn’t? Share Your Story!

zainab says:

Is it ok to take berry ketone supplememts with the inositol and vitex

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Zainab,

It certainly is.

Nikki says:

How do I check my points balance to use on future orders? Thank you!

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Nikki,

When you are logged in at , you can click the “My Account” link at the very top of the page and near the bottom of the My Account page, you will see a link called “My Rewards“. This will explain how the point system works and you can redeem points on the same page.

christina says:

Is it safe/necessary to take Di-Chiro inositol after pregnancy is achieved Im three months pregnant and wondering if it will effect my pregnancy if i don’t take it.

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Christina,

First, congratulations!
A woman with PCOS can have a good outcome to her pregnancy with or without DCI. It is a matter of addressing insulin resistance. During pregnancy, the placenta takes over a lot of functions and many women with PCOS experience normalized sex hormone levels. However, the placental/ovarian axis does nothing to correct or address insulin resistance, which is a risk factor for miscarriage, gestational diabetes, high birth weight and IUGR. That probably sounds like a lot to process, so let me again just summarize that addressing insulin resistance is very important when a woman with PCOS gets pregnant. Many of our customers have continued DCI and had successful pregnancies, and others have discontinued DCI and had successful pregnancies too. They have all achieved this by managing their insulin resistance. Some went back on Metformin (which has been proven safe for use in pregnancy in clinical trials). Others followed very strict diet and exercise regimens. Ultimately, you have to follow your best judgment, listen to your body and consult with your Ob Gyn.

I genuinely wish we had a more satisfying answer to give you. And hopefully we can continue to grow and someday begin funding research to answer questions like this very important one.

hannah says:

Chiral balance helps me fight the pcos symptoms that trey to make me ugly and the emotional symptoms that name me crazy. If u have pcos u have nothing to lose and everything to gain by ordering this product

Chiral Balance says:

We’re so glad to hear that DCI has been so good to you!

Jessica L says:

I have been taking all chiral balance product religiously and my period is coming more regular now without having to take the metformin which was giving me too much side effect. I was first introduce to the product by my acupuncturist and friend, thanks to her and this place, I feel a lot healthier and better about myself.

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Jessica,

That is awesome. We love to hear success stories. Thank you for sharing.

Laura says:

I start4d taking d chiro inositol and myu periods became more regular. And then i became pregnant a few months later… not on purpose! Maybe its a coincidence… maybe not.

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Laura,

We love hearing stories like this. Thanks for sharing.

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