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DCI is a miracle
Laurel, Age 21-34, From St. Paul, MN

Children: No     Chiral Balance Customer: Yes

My name is Laurel. PCOS runs in my family and we have found it in the last 3 generations 85% of the women on my mother’s side have it to some degree or other. I was on of the first in my family to be diagnosed with PCOS about 20 years ago and I have been searching for a treatment all this time. With DCI I have finally found it.

At the time of my original diagnosis by a reproductive endocrinologist the only “treatment” was birth control and to loose weight which was almost impossible (I tried every diet on the market over a number of years, the only one that had some success was Atkins, which is a low carb option). Metfomin became widely available and started to be prescribed for PCOS and I started taking it. It has helped some but with the GI side effects and the severity of the PCOS it just isn’t enough even with strict diet control. Suffice it to say I could not stop gaining weight, all the horrible side effects of PCOS just kept getting worse and I was always depressed.

About a year ago I started to investigate DCI and started it in July. Even with a less restrictive diet (50 net carbs/day instead of 20 that I had been eating). I will note here that if you do not restrict carbs and cut sugars out your may not see the marked effect that I did. The results I saw were stunning. I lost over 90 pounds in under 5 months. I also had a 75% reduction in inappropriate hair growth as well as much better blood test results (serum insulin from 21 to 11 in just a few months, reduced testosterone and lowered triglycerides). Another wonderful effect was that I no longer had a irresistible craving for foods that I shouldn’t eat. Within a 6 weeks I started having a NORMAL 28 cycle that was not painful and within 3 months began ovulating. My joints became less painful, my body temperature for the first time went to a steady 98.6 and stayed there! (one of the lesser known symptoms of PCOS is a low body temp) Best of all the depression started to go away and I had MUCH more energy available to me.

Unfortunately due to financial issues I had to start taking about 1/4 of what I had been taking (4 pills a day to 1 pill a day) and I watched the symptoms return and the weight pile back on (70 lbs of it). Since then I have been blessed to have had DCI provided to me and am back on a full dose and in the first week the hair growth is already noticeably reducing, I have lost 7 pounds already and my energy is returning and I already feel the depression lifting again!

I NEVER want to stop taking DCI again.

What products or dietary practices would you recommend to others? Add them to your story:

I recommend the following:
**Restricted Carb Diet (no more than 50g/day – suggest starting with less and going with no sugars and very little wheat, no corn, potatoes or rice)
**Vitamin D3 – Women with PCOS many times will have lowered levels of this (get checked by your Dr.)
**Chromium – I take 1000mcg/day
**Cinnamon – 1000mg/day
**Green Tea Extract
**Vitex with B6

I still take Metformin daily but my dose has been reduced to 1500mg from 3000mg.





Food diary was key
Allison T., Age 30-39, From Dallas, Texas

Children: Yes     Chiral Balance Customer: Yes

Keeping a food diary has made the biggest difference. I also make sure to eat smaller meals throughout the day, rather than 3 larger meals.




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