How Does PCOS Cause Weight Gain?

PCOS is commonly associated with insulin resistance. One of the most serious issues associated with insulin resistance is ineffective glucose disposal. What this means is that because cells aren’t responding to insulin, they aren’t taking glucose from the blood. This leads to high levels of glucose in the blood, commonly called high blood sugar, which anyone who has ever used a glucometer already knows all about.

This has many negative consequences. But let’s not overlook that excess sugar in the blood usually implies a shortage of sugar in the cells. This shortage means cells are constantly starving for energy, and that leads to hunger. Many women with PCOS can relate to the constant sugar and carb cravings and hunger that often goes along with PCOS.

Ultimately, insulin resistance means that sugar stays in the blood instead of getting to the cells and tissues that need it to make energy and work efficiently. This leads to constant hunger and overeating.

There is quite a bit more at work here, but that serves as a good introduction and one of the bigger factors in PCOS-related weight gain.

For details about how all of this works, watch the video below.

I am 59 years old. During my late 20’s (1970s), I was unable to get pregnant. I worked with a fertility clinic, took my temps, sex on a schedule, laproscopy,etc. No ultra sound, tho, of ovaries. Nothing was wrong. During my 30’s, I had two miscarriages. I was a jogger but I seemed to always have 20 extra pounds. At 50, I stopped having periods suddenly. Had one, then never had another one. I have been dealing with hot flashes for 9 years. An ultrasound of my ovaries at 52, showed lots of cysts on my ovaries but the doctor dismissed the PCOS syndrome as nonsense and since I was old, I didn’t need to worry about getting pregnant. I did have a child at 40, a wonderful surprise, and adopted two more so that wasn’t my issue…. I had gained 65 pounds between age 40 and 52. Seems like mostly in my stomach! Just recently I was prescribed Metformin for insulin resistance, I cut out wheat and am finally losing weight. I am not diabetic, my fasting blood sugar is always below 90 but diabetes runs in the family and it probably was going to hit me. I wish I knew then (in my 20’s) what we know now about PCOS. My questions, will DCI give me additional help and not interfere with the Metformin? Thanks!

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Lisa,

It certainly does sound like you might have had PCOS and just never been diagnosed with it. Your history sounds almost like textbook PCOS, and so I cautiously suggest that DCI might indeed be beneficial. Since we have a pretty simple refund policy, it won’t wind up costing you anything if it doesn’t help.

Gloria Yim says:

Hi, I have recently purchased DCI from your online store and have started taking DCI for about three weeks now. I’m now taking one pill per day and I am just wondering if you would suggest me taking two pills a day or just one pill is fine? And if I wanna add up the dosage, can I just start from today or I need any transitional period for that? Thanks

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Gloria,

The recommended daily dosage of DCI is based on your weight. If you weight less than 130 pounds, then we recommend a single 600 mg capsule per day, preferably taken in the morning. If you weigh between 130 pounds and 260 pounds the recommended daily dosage is 2 capsules, taken in divided doses.

Delores Clark says:

Hi, I was reading your blog to Gloria where she talks about her weight and the mg dose of DCI she should take. You go on to say 2 capsules are recommended for 130 pounds to 260 pounds, taken in divided does. Well, suppose one weighs 315 lbs. what would be the recommended dosage? I am just desperate for help. I am 58 years old and suffered for all my life. I am just about beyond going. I just found out about DCI. Why have my many doctors not mentioned it I wonder. Your help is appreciated.

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Delores,

So, at 315 pounds, the recommended regimen would be 3 capsules daily, in divided doses if possible. For example, one before each main meal of the day. Many doctors are not aware of DCI, and many are leery of recommending nutritional supplements. In fact, I understand that some professional organizations for medical specialties that frequently care for PCOS women specifically forbid recommending dietary supplements. So, there is a reluctance to even learn about or consider products like DCI among some doctors.

Amanda A says:

I just heard about your product from my doctors office. I really enjoyed all of the informative videos on your website. The OB/GYN office I go to really has had great success referring patients to your product, however there is no way I would be able to maintain staying in your product when I can get metformin for a $10 copay. I really wish this was much more affordable for the average person. I really prefer natural and homeopathic methods before medications but I would have to buy two bottles a month. Thank you though for the wonderful and easy to understand videos!

Chiral Balance says:

Hi Amanda,

Everyone at Chiral Balance is sensitive to the cost of D-chiro-inositol and we do realize that for many women with PCOS, metformin can be a well-tolerated, effective and more affordable alternative to DCI. However, we also like to point out some of the hidden costs of metformin. For example, metformin can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency, which in turn can lead to anemia. In some people, metformin can be very hard on the liver, and checking liver enzymes is an added cost of metformin treatment that isn’t always obvious at first.
All of that being said, we also work tirelessly to bring costs down and we are hopeful that in mid 2015 we will be able to start offering lower prices. I can’t say exactly what the new price will be, but I can say for sure that this new, lower price will be the direct result of our steady growth for the last 8 years. I speak for everyone at Chiral Balance when I say that I hope someday to be able to offer DCI at a price that makes it a possibility for anyone who wants to try it.

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