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Saw Palmetto/Milk Thistle

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Benefits of Saw Palmetto and Milk Thistle for PCOS

For Hair and Skin

Many women with PCOS struggle with loss of head hair, unwanted body hair, darkened skin in the underarms, neck and groin, skin tags, and early onset of liver spots. These common signs of PCOS can be caused by the presence of too much male hormone (specifically, DHT). Moreover, male hormones and insulin resistance (high glucose levels) stress and damage the liver; in one study, more than half of women with PCOS were found to have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and most of them had no knowledge of having the disease.


Saw palmetto slows the formation of the hormone DHT, thereby protecting the hair of the scalp and preventing it from falling out. It also protects the follicles over the rest of the body to keep body hair from growing longer, thicker, and darker. Saw Palmetto has long been trusted by PCOS women to help hair grow only where it is wanted.

Our milk thistle seed extract is 80% silymarin, which been shown to protect the liver from stress and to help repair existing damage. The liver is the body's clearinghouse and must be in good working order to maintain healthy skin. Our formula delivers 160 mg of silymarin in every capsule.

Other ingredients

vegetable capsule, leucine


This product contains herbal agents which should not be used by women who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, unless directed by your physician.