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Chiral Balance Gift Card

Women's Formula AM+PM Multi

You asked for it - and we listened! IT'S BACK! We are proud to offer our popular Women's Formula AM+PM again. Daily Mult-Vitamins made specifically for women with PCOS. HIGHEST QUALITY — only the best ingredients with enhanced BIOAVAILABILITY — means you get more of what you need in SEPARATE DOSES. Complimentary ingredients that "help" each other's absorption.
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A best-in-class multivitamin and mineral formulation, appropriate for any woman. We have devised a novel dosing strategy for maximum absorption, using different AM and PM doses!

This formula was carefully crafted by Dr. Johnson to deliver only the best in essential nutrition— no cheap ingredients, no drug-like botanicals. Our AM dose provides a complement of necessary vitamins to start your day off right.

The PM dose is a blend of important minerals to support a healthy lifestyle. Two of the most important minerals for any woman are iron and calcium. But these essential minerals compete for absorption. Separating the iron (AM dose) from the calcium (PM dose) allows for better absorption of both. Iron absorption is further enhanced by the presence of vitamin C in the AM dose. It's a win-win!

The PM dose also contains 1000 IU of vitamin D, which studies have shown to promote better sleep. Some of the other first-class ingredients: Our B12 is methylated for maximum absorption. Vitamin K as MK-7! Iron and copper as glycinate! Calcium, manganese, and magnesium as citrates!

The AM dose also includes 100% OF THE RECOMMENDED ALLOWANCE OF METHYLATED FOLATE! ——This is the only folic acid which can be utilized by everyone to prevent neural tube birth defects. Prevents and reverses folic acid deficiency anemia.

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